The stroopwafel is starting to sweep across America which is good for all of us who love them and have fond memories of them ‘back home’. I’ve seen mini ones, chocolate caramel flavored ones, and REI has quite a selection of coffee, ginger, raspberry, you name it flavors.

What is a stroopwafel you might be asking yourself right now.

Well, first of all, let’s work on the pronunciation. It’s not stroop like your saying someone fell off the stoop or your chicken got out of the coop. It’s more like the ‘oa’ in soap or the ‘ope’ in rope. So say soapwafel and then slip in the tr there to make stroapwafel.

Now that we have that business taken care of, let’s look at the beauty of a stroopwafel. It’s two super thin, delicious wafer cookies (the wafels) with a caramel syrup (stroop) sandwiched between. At the market, you can watch them being made right in front of you. One thin waffle will be made fresh and while it is still warm, it is sliced in half to make the two thin wafers. Hot syrup is spread on one wafer and then the top is put on and you eat it still warm. At home you would place a stroopwafel on top of your hot steaming cup of coffee or tea and let the insides warm up that way. If you can wait that long 🙂

A few years ago we were at the market in Nijmegen and my son got a super stroopwafel. I wish I had a picture of that thing, it was as big as his head. We did get an “I Love Stroopwafels” bracelet to mark the occasion. I kinda wish I had ordered one too. It’s going on my food bucket list for our next trip back.

In case you can’t wait for your next trip over (or a friend to go and bring you some back), you can find stroopwafels at quite a few stores now. Cost Plus World Market carries a Daelmans brand that is quite good and Trader Joe’s sells mini ones. You can also buy Daelmans online and have them delivered right to your door.


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